About OBS

OnlineBedStores.com  is an online resource designed to help guide you in your search for that perfect mattress, mattress topper, pillow or anything bedding related. With so many choices on the internet today, it is sometimes challenging knowing what online retailer you can trust.

OBS understands that your purchase decision can be a bit confusing. It is for this reason that we provide links on our product pages that will connect you with some trusted online retailers that are available to answer your questions intelligently, based on their direct knowledge, of the products they sell.


OBS will “NOT” provide links to Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Sears, Kmart or any other large online marketplace. OBS will only provide links and/or recommend smaller trusted online retailers, that have years of experience in the bedding industry. OBS feels that not every product should be treated as if it is only a commodity. An online retailer’s responsibility is to service their customers, and to be able to answer questions intelligently, about brands that they carry based on personal training, or personal experience with a particular product.

OnlineBedStores speaks to every company we recommend to our visitors and we ask for nothing in return, other then, that our recommended retailers service every customer, to the best of their ability.