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Side Sleeper Pillow Reviews

By OBS | November 8th, 2016 0 Comments Bubble

Side Sleeper Pillow, Side Sleeper Pillows are pillows that should be designed to be more supportive than other pillows and typically higher to properly support your head and neck alleviating pressure on your shoulders. Sleeping on the wrong pillow can have negative effects on your sleep, causing you to toss and turn throughout the night in an effort to get comfortable, only to awake with neck and shoulder pain. This is why, if you are in fact a side sleeper, you need to be using the correct pillow. Unfortunately with so many pillows available online and in stores it can Read More >>

Natura / Sommex Bedding Closed Thursday Dec 10 2015

By OBS | December 11th, 2015 0 Comments Bubble

Natura Sommex Bedding Corporation Business Closed Thursday Dec 10 2015 Two years after being saved from closure by its founder, the bedding company Sommex Bedding Corporation, a branch is located on the boulevard Thibeau, Trois-Rivières, closed Thursday noon. The founder, Normand Ricard, was out of retirement in 2013, 10 years after he sold his company to buy. He wanted to avoid the announced closure. Mr. Normand was disappointed not to have been able to save jobs. “I came back to save jobs and I have not succeeded,” he began. “My great sorrow is for employees. ” – Normand Ricard, chairman Read More >>

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