Air Mattresses / Air Beds

Air beds (not to be confused with the inflatable air mattresses often used for guests or camping) are constructed with uniquely crafted air chambers that can be easily adjusted for comfort and support. Unlike traditional mattresses, air beds allow couples to individually adjust the firmness level of each side of the bed at the touch of a button. Since many couples do not share the same preference in sleeping support firmness, this flexible feature makes air beds particularly helpful for couples with different firmness and cushioning needs. The ability to adjust an air bed’s firmness level may also be advantageous during pregnancy or following sickness or injury. Air beds will conform to each person’s unique size and contours, instantly enabling the even distribution of body weight for fewer pressure points and enhanced sleeping comfort.


Air Mattresses such as an Aerobed® are typically used as guest or temporary beds and are sometimes raised off the floor just like a conventional bed. Nevertheless, “raised” air mattresses are not designed for full-time use, as the base of most air mattresses are typically a chamber filled with air and not a solid wood or box spring foundation. Air mattress sizes range from twin to king and can use standard-sized bed linens. Some government safety agencies have warned against letting infants sleep on air beds or air mattresses because they can be too soft and suffocate smaller children (especially those below the age of 8 months) within folds.

Air Beds by Comfortaire

Comfort Layer 2.25-inch convoluted comfort pad,  6-inch, 24 gauge latex/cotton Air Chambers , 1.6 density foam support 6-inches high Foam Perimeter Support.