Alpaca Filled Pillows

Alpaca Filled Pillows by Malpaca

Chemical free Alpaca Filled Pillows by Malpaca®. If you are looking for a high quality hypo allergenic pillow that is free of chemicals and synthetic materials your search is over. OBS has found the perfect pillow for those chemical sensitive people, a 100% U.S. Alpaca filled pillow. The alpaca fill used in all Malpaca® pillows comes from Alpacas that are raised in a natural stress-free environment void of herbicides and pesticides.


Alpaca fiber is naturally fire resistant so there is no need for the addition of toxic fire retardant chemicals.

Alpaca Pillows

100% Alpaca Fill, 100% Viscose from Organic Bamboo Cover, 3 Sizes and 3 Firmness levels, Made In The USA