Bamboo Sheets

Bed Sheets Made From 100% Bamboo
If you are looking for sheets that are soft, silky and cool to the touch, Rayon from 100% Bamboo sheets may be the answer. When it comes to bamboo bedding OBS recommends you look for sheets that are rayon made from 100% bamboo.

Pure bamboo fabric sheets contain millions of gaps and holes at the microscopic level, giving it a very comfortable porosity. In other words, this is a fabric that breathes, so it wicks moisture from your body even better than cotton! keeping you cool in the summer.


“rayon” is the term designated by the FTC to be used for any fabric made from cellulose raw material such as wood, paper, or cotton. (Learn more about the term rayon)

Bamboo Sheets, Shams, Coverlets

Silky-soft, Made Fom Natural Bamboo, Cool, Breathable and Sustainable, ISO9000 and ISO14000 Quality.