bFan® Bed Cooling Fan

Introducing the bFan® a new improved more powerfull, adjustable height version of the original BedFan®. The original BedFan was conceptualized and created back in 2000 by inventor Kurt Tompkins.

The original BedFan® has been successfully selling online, and through specialty retail stores since 2008. The original made in the USA BedFan® has also been seen on the Dr. Oz show and Good Morning America.

We could only assume that in 2012 Tompkins ran into a problem, when Brookstone, a retailer that had been selling Tompkins original black Bedfan, stopped selling Tompkins original, and started to advertise and promote a newly designed white BedFan. Through our research at OBS we have discovered that Brookstone, the gadget retailer had created and patented their own version of the Bedfan in white, that they manufacture in China.

It is unclear to OBS how and why Brookstone was able to get away with what appears to be a knockoff version of Tompkins original black Bedfan.

Kurt’s company Tompkins Research, Inc. has ended a sucsessful round of funding through Kickstarter and is now well funded to be able to start manufacturing their new 2018 bed cooling fan, that they now call the “bFan®”. They will be available only through a small number of selected retailers sometime in feb 2018.

Update: the bFan® is now available and has been selling since March 2018. Now after thousands sold the bFan® has proven to be the best bed cooling fan available. As Seen on Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation with Mo Rocca

bFan® by Tompkins Research, Inc.

New 2023 bFan® improved more powerfull, adjustable height version of the original BedFan®.