Cooling Dog Beds

Canine Cooler by SoothSoft vs Cool Bed III by K&H
Looking for a great way to cool your dog this summer? Look no further, the Canine Cooler or the Cool Bed III™ are both cooling dog beds that do not require electricity to operate. Simply add the recommended amount of water through an easy fill cap one time. Both products have tremendous cooling power and have been on the market for many years. Please note some online retailers advertise these “dog cooling beds” as gel filled dog beds, the truth is these beds or mats do not contain any gel, the inner core consists of a water absorbing “sponge like foam” that feels very much like gel when properly filled with water.


The Canine Cooler which is the original, is manufactured in the USA by SoothSoft Innovations Worldwide, Inc. and is sold only through authorized SoothSoft online retailers. The Canine Cooler is available in four sizes: (small 18″x 24″), (medium 24″x 36″), (large 36″x 48″) and (extra large, made up of a large and a medium 36″x72″).  If you find the Canine Cooler sold below ($49.95 small) ($69.95 medium) ($89.95 large) chances are the retailer may not be an authorized retailer. To see a list of SoothSoft authorized retailers click here

The Cool Bed III™ is manufactured in China by K&H Manufacturing and sold through many online retailers and online “pet products discounters” available in three sizes (small 17″x 24″) ( medium 22″x 32″) ( large 32″ x 44″). Pricing will vary from retailer to retailer. Be cautious when shopping the lowest price, as the lowest price may not always be the bargain it appears to be. More often then not these deep discounters may not be the most ethical companies to do business with. 9/15/2014

Cool Bed III

Cool Core diverts liquid for cooling, Available in 3 sizes, Two year limited warranty.


Canine Cooler

Available in Four Sizes: Small , Medium, Large or Extra Large, 30 day money back, Made in the USA