CPAP Pillow

Wearing a CPAP/BI-PAP device at night can be very uncomfortable. When using a standard bed pillow the mask and hose of the CPAP device will often get pushed against the face creating: soreness and noticeable red marks, noisy air leakage which reduces therapy and discomfort making it difficult to sleep.

The ARC CPAP pillow was created specifically for CPAP/BIPAP users. This specially designed pillow features cut-outs that allow the hoses and face mask to move freely without the restriction created by a standard bed pillow. The contours of the CPAP pillow promotes proper neck and spinal alignment whether you are a back, side or stomach sleeper. The ARC CPAP pillow helps to prevent air leakage and promotes proper therapy so you wake rested and ready to take on the day.


The ARC CPAP pillow is 20″ x 26″ and is filled with a soft yet resilient high lofted, hypo-allergenic polyester fiber fill. The pillow is covered in a soft white poly/cotton cover which is hypo-allergenic and machine washable. We include an additional poly-cotton cover specially made for the ARC CPAP Pillow.

The ARC CPAP pillow is made in the USA from all US sourced materials to medical grade standards. This ensures the safety,durability and health of our cover and hypo-allergenic, high-lofted, polyester fiber fill.

CPAP Pillow


CPAP pillow 20″ x 26″, high-lofted, polyester fiber fill, hypo-allergenic and machine washable. made in the USA