Crib Mattresses

The first thing to remember when choosing a crib mattress, is that babies cannot lift their heads up from a soft mattress if they get turned over at night. Look for a crib mattress that is firmer than an adult mattress. Pick the crib mattress up in the middle and squeeze it with each hand on opposite sides to test it for firmness. Foam crib mattresses are another option. They are less heavy, less expensive but just as safe as conventional crib mattresses. In conventional, coil crib mattresses, wire gauge and coil count will determine the mattress firmness.


During their first seven months of life, babies will spend most of their time asleep, so providing a natural, chemical-free crib mattress for them is a good way to ensure them a healthy beginning.

Organic cotton bedding can reduce irritants in crib mattresses and pure wool will serve as a natural fire retardant. Some baby mattresses also include an anti-microbial top layer to reduce germs from spit-ups and diaper mishaps.

Multi-layer covers comprised of triple layers of vinyl or waterproof fabric is recommended for durability in a crib mattress.