Down Alternative Comforters

Down Alternative Comforters – Revolutionary Fluffy Comfy™ Comforters with Eider Warmth™, Eider Warmth is a premium patented high-quality, hypoallergenic down-like, synthetic fill material that was developed in Japan. Comforters filled with Eider Warmth when tested had better heat retention properties than down.

Fluffy Comfy Comforters are available in 3 different warmth levels: LIGHT, MEDIUM and ULTRA fill. These high quality comforters are machine washable and dryable, the nitted polyester outer cover allows for deep cleaning because water can penetrate deep into the filling material. Many down Alternative Comforters on the market require professional dry cleaning. The patented Eider Warmth™ filling will not clump when laundered because it is a continuous hollow filament fiber that stays in tact and in place due to of the unique quilting technique used.

Fluffy Comfy™ Comforters

Down Alternative Comforters with Patented Eider Warmth™ Filling. 3 Warmth Levels