Eco Memory Foam Mattresses

Eco Memory foam mattresses are made from a heat- and pressure-sensitive visco-elastic material first developed by NASA in the 1970s and now widely used in bedding products worldwide. Memory foam mattresses distribute weight evenly and allow the spine to remain in its normal position throughout the night for enhanced comfort.

Because the visco-elastic foam is exceptionally resilient, memory foam mattresses will quickly resume their original shape when body weight is removed. Memory foam mattresses provide a more solid (not as springy) feel than other mattresses – cradling the user in custom-contoured comfort from head to toe. With memory foam mattresses, there are fewer pressure points, so there is less tossing and turning – and a more restful sleep.  These mattresses are also very resistant to dust-mites, bacteria, mold and mildew.  

Tempur-Pedic brand mattresses are by far the most recognizable and sought after memory foam mattress in America, but may not be affordable to all. With that said there are many other high quality alternatives at affordable price points.

Memory foam mattresses like many modern mattresses today are constructed using multiple layers, keep in mind when shopping for a memory foam mattress not all the layers of the mattress are memory foam. Typically the memory foam layer is on top of a support layer(s) of other foams, intended to reduce pressure points. Don’t be fooled by misleading advertising claiming “all memory foam mattress”. Between 1 and 3 inches of high quality memory foam is all that is needed on top of the base layers of foam, springs or air chambers depending on what type of mattress you are looking for.

OBS recommends staying away from some made in china brands that are sold on big online marketplace websites, many of these imported mattresses don’t abide by any chemical safety standards and may be toxic.

Eco Memory Foam Mattress

Plant-Based Memory Foam Mattress Made in the U.S.,Finest Eco-Friendly Materials – Eco™ 9″ Eco™ 10″ Eco™ 12″