FedEx and UPS Money Back Guarantee on Late Packages

FedEx and UPS Refunds Made Easy. Did You Know that FedEx and UPS have a Money Back Guarantee on Late Package Deliveries?

FedEx and UPS money back guarantee on late packages, at their option, FedEx and/or UPS will, upon request, either refund or credit your transportation charges in the event of a service failure (which means delivery of your package 60 seconds or more after the published delivery commitment time for the selected service and destination, except as otherwise described in their terms and conditions).

How Do I Request a Guaranteed FedEx or UPS Service Refund?
Requests for a Guaranteed Service Refund must be made by the person or company who paid shipping charges to FedEx or UPS, and must be made within 15 days of the scheduled delivery date. If you are the payer, you can submit your requests for Guaranteed Service Refund on line or by calling

UPS – Call 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877) Say “Refund”

Fedex – Call Fedex Billing (1-800-622-1147) Press “0”.

OBS has found an easy way to handle FedEx and UPS refunds, it’s called “Share a Refund”. You are entitled to a refund credit when a shipment is delivered late. Share a Refund finds late shipments, files refund claims and reports on the credits delivered back to you.

Share a Refund – How it works

Any package delivered late is eligible for a full refund from FedEx and UPS. Share a Refund finds the late packages, processes the refund claims and reports the credits delivered back to your shipping account.

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