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OBS recommends that when choosing a Gotcha Covered retailer make sure they are Authorized to sell the Gotcha Covered Brand. Many large online marketplaces promote sellers that list the Gotcha Coverd brand who are what we call “commodity sellers”, meaning they sell every conceivable brand and treat them like commodities.


Many products require some level of knowledge, training or experience with that product. If you have questions a retailer should be able to answer them and also ask you questions to ensure you are making the correct choice in terms of feel and fit.

In addition OBS has researched and found many inaccurate or old listings on these market places. below you will find “OBS Recommended Online Retailers”. These Authorized retailers have many years of experience in the bedding business and can help you choose sheets that will best fit your mattress.

Remember the cheapest price may end up costing you the most.

Luxe – 618 tc Combed 100% Cotton
Terra – Tencel® 100% Eucalyptus Wood
Pure – 300 tc 100% (GOTS) Certified Organic Cotton
Shore – 310 tc Combed 100% Cotton

Available in Sets: Terra and Pure
Available Fitted Sheets: Luxe and Shore

Note: Luxe and Terra Collection fitted sheet have patented Smarty-BandZz® sewn in at the head and foot of the fitted sheet.

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