Kryo Sleep Performance System

Cooling Mattress pad, Kryo is a water-based, app-controlled cooling mattress topper designed to cool a user’s core body. The Kryo pad is made of a multi layer composite material with a non-woven, non-slip outer layer that will keep it in place under your sheets.

The Kryo Sleep Performance System is currently only available on Indiegogo, a crowed funding website and not yet in production or available retail.

Kryo Sleep Performance System is most similar in design to the Chilipad that has been on the retail market for many years.

The ChiliPad Cube is available in single zone models, in Single 30 x 75, Twin, Twin XL, and Full, and dual zone models in Queen, King and Cal-King. The dual zone Chili Pad comes equipped with 2 separate cube control units and dual wireless remote controls allowing each side to operate independently, creating your own desired temperature preference.


The Chili Pad Cube provides great relief to menopausal women who experience night sweats and for both men and women who experience hot flashes.