Mold Guard Air and Surface Sanitizer

Mold Guard® Bathroom Air and Surface Sanitizer
The perfect solution for bathrooms and small areas up to 100 sq. ft. Mold Guard actively purifies the air and surfaces throughout a room. Mold Guard is small and compact and designed to make deodorizing and sanitizing small rooms like a bathroom easy and affordable. Mold Guard does not require any replacement parts for life.

This state of the art air and surface sanitizer provides a broad spectrum of surface & airborne protection from Fungi, Formaldehyde, Polio, S. Aureus, MRSA, Aeroallergens, Bacteria Airborne Particulates, H5N1, Hydrogen, Sulfide, (H2S), MERS-CoV, Odors, Yeasts, E. Coli, H1N1, S. Typhimurium (salmonella), P. Aeruginosa, Viruses Smoke, Chemical VOCs, VRE, L. Monocytogenes (listeria), Legionella Pneumophila and more.

Small and compact Mold Guard® measures only 6.5″ x 4″ x 1.5″ and Plugs directly into any electrical outlet, no messy wires to hide, this small Broad spectrum air and surface sanitizer uses less electricity than a (2 watt) lightbulb. Mold Guard actually kills viruses and germs on door handles, faucets, toilet seats and other bathroom surfaces as contaminants occur.

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Mold Guard Surface & Air Sanitizer

Coverage 100 sq.ft. Made in The USA, $149.99 Free Shipping