Cooling Body Pad Reviews

By OBS | August 8th, 2015 0 Comments Bubble

Cooling Body Pad Reviews, How Negative Reviews Can Really be Positive Ones.

Looking to purchase a body cooling pad ? First you must adopt a realistic expectation as to how long this type of “non powered” or passive body pad will remain cool, there are many variables involved that will determine the duration of the cooling effect such as ambient room temperature body heat etc.

Cooling Body Pad Reviews
It is quite humorous reading some reviews about these body cooling pads, it is as if some of these reviewers expected this type of non powered cooling pad to remain cool all night long. These people must have flunked out of basic science in school, as it would defy scientific law for a non powered pad to stay cool all night long with a heat source on it like for example your warm body. The below reviews state that the pad only stayed cool for an hour or two, this is exactly what you should expect from these gel filled or crystal cooling pads.
If you want a temporary cooling solution some of these “passive” body cooling pads work great and will provide that temporary cooling effect you may be seeking. A word of advice, BUYER BEWARE, only buy from authorized retailers of these cooling pads. Many sellers on Amazon and other large online market places are not authorized retailers of some of the brands they list. Only buy from companies that can answer your questions intelligently and are reachable by phone.

If you are looking for an all night cooling solution, OBS recommends you visit there you will find both “passive” as well as “active” cooling solutions.