Heated Mattress Pads

By OBS | November 11th, 2015 0 Comments Bubble

Heated Mattress Pads, Bed Warming Pads

Most heated mattress pads on the market today appear to be pretty much the same, in fact most all the popular brands use the same warming technology and are manufactured by roughly four companies under many different private label name brands. Most heated mattress pads you will find online or in stores do not claim to use any sort of special shielding technology to block sustained EMFs. Some popular heated mattress pad brands include, Biddeford, Sealy, Delightful Nights, Cannon, Sunbeam, Slumber Rest, Imperial and Therapedic.

The good news is there is a safe option available. Using a patented electromagnetic field (EMF) shielding technology to eliminate up to 90% of harmful EMFs, Shield Life’s “TheraMat” Heated Mattress pad allows for the safest night’s sleep. While ordinary heated mattress pads typically generate large amounts of sustained EMFs, Shield Life’s Far Infrared (FIR) heated mattress pad will safely and gently stimulate muscle tissue to bring you to a new level of warmth and relaxation safely. Constructed with 5 layers of comfort and technology. Only buy from a Shield Life authorized retailer