Side Sleeper Pro Air Pillow

Side Sleeper Pro Air Pillow, The Therapeutic Neck and Back Pillow, As Seen On TV world wide. It’s unique patented design, naturally aligns your neck and back to make side sleeping easier for a more comfortable nights sleep.

The Side Sleeper Pro helps improve sleep posture by aligning your neck and back. Side Sleeper Pro Air is filled with “Micro Air Beans” that cushion and cradle you as you sleep. Side Sleeper Pro Air has a removable zippered cover for easy washing.


The difference between the Side Sleeper Pro Air and a regular pillow is that it gives you the posture you need to maintain a good night’s sleep so you can get the rest you need for the next day.

Dr. Larry Cole – Chiropractic Physician

TO ORDER BY PHONE CALL: (877) 210 – 8030 – Note: this order line is completely automated, a live person will not answer.

Side Sleeper Pro Pillows are Made in China

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