Sleep Right Pillow Unauthorized Retailers List

Sleep Right Pillow – UNAUTHORIZED Retailers List

Below is a list of unauthorized retailers that are NOT authorized to sell the “Sleep Right Pillow” or any other “SleepRight” or “SleepRight Rx” brand products The manufacturer Splintek, Inc, cannot guarantee the authenticity of products purchased from these unauthorized retailers or marketplace resellers. In many cases these products may be customer returns, unsanitary, damaged, defective, used or toxic made in China knockoffs.

Sleep Right Pillows sold by “AUTHORIZED” retailers are covered by Splintek inc. 5 year warranty. Remember the cheapest price may wind up costing you the most.

For verification of this list by SleepRight® Splintek inc. Please Call 888.792.0865

Unauthorized Internet Only Dealers List

Amazon sellers will frequently change user names and web addresses so they cannot be reached to solve consumer problems. Other sites simply go out of business or are non-responsive to requests. The Therapy Connection

www.RehabSupplyShoppe seller on

Amazon Unauthorized Sellers List

Amazon – Aimhighbookskr

Amazon –

Amazon – Allsortsathings

Amazon – Andrea Gonzalez

Amazon – Aprilbookstore

Amazon – Archie’s Toys

Amazon – Bazinga Trading

Amazon – Bestforyouall

Amazon – Bios Blanc Supply

Amazon – Blooming from Japan

Amazon – Boutique Net

Amazon – Boku_doraemon2005b

Amazon – Booksman777

Amazon –

Amazon – Britt&Jules

Amazon – CFE LLC

Amazon –

Amazon – Carpenter Store

Amazon – Catalyst1971

Amazon – CentralOutlets

Amazon – Cherry-woods

Amazon –

Amazon – Compass Fitness

Amazon – Connect Buy

Amazon – D&DL

Amazon – Dentist Oral Care Products

Amazon – DevineHub

Amazon – DropAir

Amazon – EB Store

Amazon – Edsimpala Closeouts


Amazon – FashionFritz & Little Bitz

Amazon – First Choice Unlimited

Amazon – FirstHand

Amazon – FlexPoint Ltd

Amazon – ForHoME

Amazon – FuWisdomBook

Amazon – Gold Coast Medical

Amazon – Golden Tree

Amazon – HBK Direct

Amazon – Happy-Loop

Amazon –

Amazon – Health Tree

Amazon –

Amazon – Infinity Wholesale

Amazon – Innervisions Unlimited

Amazon – International Coffee & Books

Amazon – Itoman Market

Amazon – Isabel&Nate Books

Amazon – JF BestDeal LLC

Amazon – JapaGoooods Ex

Amazon – Japanese Life Style

Amazon – Japanese Brands

Amazon – JapanSukiyaki Shop

Amazon – Jawtooth

Amazon – Just For Health Shop

Amazon – JZ Care

Amazon – Kotobukibooks

Amazon – Melbournekber

Amazon – Mild Japan

Amazon – Mooglyz

Amazon – Mtnwestbooks

Amazon – Namtip Store

Amazon – Nature_Healthy_Life


Amazon – Oasis1270

Amazon – Oceancrosslink

Amazon – Parentgiving

Amazon – Pawnworld

Amazon – Perth Shopping Mall

Amazon – Pharmafrag

Amazon – Pharmapacks

Amazon – Please and Thank You LLC.

Amazon – Rainbowppl

Amazon – Reliable Business Partner, Inc.

Amazon – Redeemed inc.

Amazon – Roxy*Media

Amazon – St.Evans

Amazon – SmartGizmos

Amazon – Salon de Papillon

Amazon –

Amazon – Shelproducts

Amazon – Shine Med/Den Supply Co.

Amazon – ShopUSAmall

Amazon – Special Gift Box

Amazon – Sukiyaki Japan

Amazon – Tensnet

Amazon – The Therapy Connectio

Amazon – V1-Store

Amazon – Vine Organics

Amazon – What A Deals

Amazon – Won Stop

Amazon – Windowshop

Amazon – Zulera

SleepRight® Pillow Authorized Retailer

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