Tencel® Sheet Sets

Tencel sheet sets made from certified eucalyptus wood.
TENCEL® Bed sheets, Bed Sheets made from 100% certified Eucalyptus Wood. If you are looking for sheets that are super soft, silky and cool to the touch, Tencel® from eucalyptus wood may be what you are looking for. When it comes to Tencel® Sheets, OBS recommends you look for Tencel® sheets that are made only from 100% “Certified” Eucalyptus Wood.


This is a category we suggest you only shop from small trusted independent retailers who have more control over the source and authenticity of the Tencel® they offer.

Typically smaller independent retailers have a much closer relationship with the manufacturers they are getting their Tencel products from than the larger retailers, that often lose touch with the credibility of their supply chains.

When shopping for Tencel® sheets the cheapest price, may end up costing you the most. Only buy from trusted retailers that are available to answer questions about the authenticity of their Tencel bedding.

TENCEL® is the lyocell fiber from the house of Lenzing.

Lenzing has been awarded the “European Award for the Environment” from the European Union for it’s special closed loop process that recycles almost 100% of the solvents used in the manufacturing of TENCEL® fiber. In addition, the Lenzing Group operates its own pulp plants located in Lenzing, Austria, Paskov and the Czech Republic.

In this way Lenzing covers half of its pulp needs. It can be conclusively shown that the wood verifiably comes from sustainably managed forests.

Tencel® Sheet Sets

100% Certified Eucalyptus Wood 11″ or 18” Pocket Sizes with Smarty-BandZz™ Sewn into Fitted Sheets