Water Mattresses

There are two basic types of waterbeds: hard-sided water beds and soft-sided beds. Both types of waterbeds will generally be heated and offer the unique, weightless comfort of sleeping on a fluid surface. Hard-sided waterbeds encase the water mattress within a rectangular wooden frame on a plywood deck that sits on top of a platform. Soft-sided waterbeds tend to look like conventional platform beds, but the water-containing mattress is housed inside a rectangular frame of sturdy foam, within a fabric casing. The platform for a soft-sided waterbed usually sits atop a very sturdy metal frame.


“Free flow” water mattresses are an older and less expensive variety of waterbed. Unlike the more modern waterbed, these will usually contain only one chamber and are thus prone to significant wave action. Fiber batting and interconnected water chambers have increased stability and reduced wave movement in later models. “Waveless” modern waterbeds are more expensive and contain a combination of both air and water chambers which are usually interconnected.