Cooling Pillow SUB-0° ®

Looking for a Great Cooling Pillow?
Well OBS has found It! It’s the SUB-0° SoftCell Chill Reversible dual sided Hybrid Pillow. This pillow provides a combination of wellness and cooling comfort. The outer cover material is constructed of exclusive FRiO® rapid chill cooling fibers, that feel cool to the touch and transport heat away from your head and neck at a rate 5x faster than other cover materials.

In addition, this cooling pillow is constructed with twelve individual pockets featuring a blend of an exclusive designer down alternative, Identically Down (i.d.) and plush TENCEL® fibers for optimal support and comfort, and that’s just the beginning! Flip this one of a kind cooling pillow over and experience an even higher level of cool comfort from a removable layer of cool gel wrapped soft memory foam.

Lastly, the height of this patented cooling pillow is adjustable, by simply unzipping the outer zippered cover and removing the encased inner pillow.

Cooling Pillow

Cool Pillow – SUB-0°® Reversible SoftCell Chill™ pillow. Size Standard: 24″ x 16″