Chillow Reviews – All Chillow’s Are Not the Same

Chillow Reviews all Chillow’s are not the same, when reading Chillow reviews it is important to understand that there is a new “MADE in CHINA” Chillow on the market, it’s an “As Seen on TV” version of the original Chillow manufactured by SoothSoft® Technology. The China version Chillow is manufactured by Hampton Direct, Inc and originally was only available through their website, when their infomercial was first aired on TV in May 2012. As of August 2013 the China version Chillow was rolled out to many big box retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart and others who sell as seen on TV products.

UPDATE 1/1/2015 – Hampton Direct, Inc is no longer manufacturing the Chillow once all the existing stock of the Hampton Direct China made as seen on TV Chillow’s are depleted, you will start to see then being removed from the big box retailers stores and websites. SoothSoft® Technology will be the only manufacturer of the chillow, Chillow Plus and Mini Chillow. All made in the USA.


When reading reviews, keep in mind that some reviewers may “NOT” be referring to the first made in USA version Chillow. Chillow reviews after May 2012 may be reviews of the Hampton Direct, Inc, Made in China version Chillow “NOT” the original SoothSoft® Technology, made in the USA version Chillow, that have been selling since 2000. The Chillow Plus® “, “Original Chillow®” and “Mini Chillow®” are all made in the USA and are available through some select on and off line retailers.

Build a better mousetrap, the old saying goes, and the world will beat a path to your door. Today, that saying could well be updated as follows: Build a popular product, and a thousand bloggers and websites will try to make a quick buck selling it. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, so long as they are not misleading consumers or doing business dishonestly. Unfortunately, such seems to be the case with the popular “Chillow® ” cooling pillow insert.

Whether it’s careless marketing or some other reason I don’t know, but more than a few sites selling the “Chillow®” like sellers on as an example list and advertise this popular product as a “Chillow Pillow” – so some people may naturally expect to receive a cooling pillow.

Unfortunately, that’s not what they get. The “Chillow” pillow insert is just that – an insert that rests on top of your pillow or just under your pillowcase and helps to keep the top side of your pillow cool fresh, and comfortable, avoiding the need to flip your pillow.

We recommend buying your Chillow only from a reputable authorized retailer, for more information on the Chillow and to read an honest description of the Chillow visit

The good news is that the Chillow really does work! The Chillow’s exclusively designed foam core (which absorbs water like a sponge) once filled, provides hours of cool, natural comfort without the need for refrigeration – or batteries. Some people find that this cooling effect does not last all night long (due to the warming effect of your body’s heat), so some people will use two Chillows. When one gets warm, they simply swap it for the other to keep cool through the night.

The Chillow pillow insert fits any standard-size pillow. We highly recommend the Chillow for people who need relief from sunburns, hot flashes, headaches, or a hot, muggy night. And although it doesn’t need it, a little refrigeration can significantly enhance the Chillow’s cooling power. Available in two sizes 20.5″ X 13.5″ X .5″ or 14” x 10.5” x .5″ and three different models ranging in price from $19.95 for the Mini, $24.95 for the Original “Chillow®” and $34.95 for the “Chillow Plus®.”

Another caveat: The “Chillow®” has a Minimum Advertised Price. This policy states that the Chillow cannot be advertised at a price lower than the manufacturers stated MAP price for each Chillow product. Honest retailers must agree to sell the Chillow at or above this MAP price – or else they are NOT authorized resellers. If you find a site that is selling “Chillow®” products “below MAP,” you are, of course, free to buy from them – but you might have problems with returning your purchase – or receiving anything beyond a barebones minimum of customer support or no support at all. It may be worth paying a few dollars more for the added peace of mind. After all, isn’t the main reason for buying a Chillow in the first place to sleep more comfortably at night!

Updated 1/09/2015