Choosing the Right Pillow

There are many different types of pillows available, choosing the right pillow could be challenging: latex, memory foam, down, alpaca, silk, coconut foam etc.

Pillows come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to meet the needs and preferences of every sleeper. Whether you are a back sleeper, side sleeper or stomach sleeper, there is a pillow available to provide the comfort and support you need for a good night’s sleep. Check for a reliable manufacturer’s warranty when purchasing a pillow.

Latex Pillows – are natural foam pillows that are derived from the sap of the rubber tree. Latex is a naturally elastic and resilient material, and a latex pillow is designed to cradle the neck and head and facilitate your skin’s ability to breathe.

Latex pillows are available in both traditional pillow shapes and contoured versions, are resistent to dust mites and bacteria and naturally anti-microbial. There are 100% organic latex pillows that are manufactured without the use of any chemicals for those with sensitivities or allergies and even more durable Talalay models that blend both natural and synthetic materials.

Latex pillows are available in different consistencies— some are granular or shredded and others feature solid rubber cores. All offer the benefits of latex, a material that is naturally cushioning, supportive, and resilient.

Memory Foam Pillows – are made from a visco-elastic material first developed by NASA and now used for a number of sleep-related products. Memory foam pillows are ideal for relieving jaw, neck and shoulder tension, because they conform to your individual shape and offer a sleeping surface that is supportive, yet malleable. Like all memory foam products, memory foam pillows alleviate pressure points by molding to your contours, but regain their original shape when you rise.

Memory foam pillows help to keep the neck and spine properly aligned and are available in various shapes and sizes for back, side sleepers or stomach sleepers. Because memory foam is a temperature-sensitive material, it is important to keep this pillow away from high heat sources to insure its longevity. Memory foam pillows should not be placed in a washer-dryer, and should be kept covered for cleanliness and cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some Memory foam pillows may emit a slight odor when new, but odor should dissipate over time.

Down Pillows – Down is the soft, inner plumage of waterfowl, such as geese and ducks that has abundant light, fluffy filaments without the quill shaft of a feather. If you find that you are a head-tosser at night, a down pillow may be the ideal pillow for you. Available in multiple sizes and densities, down pillows can be filled to meet your individual comfort preference for either more loft (firmness), if you sleep on your side, or less loft if you sleep on your back or stomach.

Regardless of your sleeping position, a down pillow will mold to your head, neck and shoulders and provide healthy, breathable comfort. Down pillows are natural and resilient, and can last for up to ten years. Luxurious down pillows are available in hypo-allergenic, washable models to insure cleanliness as well as comfort in your sleeping environment.