Gifts for Women

Sexy silky lingerie this year? Maybe or maybe think outside the box, a beautifully boxed 100% silk pillowcase or silk eye mask for the woman of your heart.

Silk pillowcases are a wonderful gift for women! Do you know they can prevent those wrinkles so she doesn’t wake up with an abstract art piece on her face? Those 18 amino acids also help preserve her hairstyle – less bedhead, friction, frizzes, tangles, and tugging.


• naturally hypoallergenic
• won’t cause irritation
• very soothing for skin conditions like eczema
• antibacterial, resistant to mold, mildew and dust mites… Need more be said?

Silk does not retain moisture either. That means it won’t wick moisture or your girl’s anti-aging cream from her skin. And when she’s paying top dollar for face cream, she’ll want to get full effect from it.

Beneficial, sweet-dreaming, sensual, soothing, solid-sleeping Silk for your Valentine’s Day gift for women in your life! That’s all you need. She’ll feel beautiful inside & out. Be prepared, she might even fall in love with you all over again!

You have many choices beyond the silky sexy lingerie you had in mind, giving new meaning to 50 Shades… of color. Of course, Branche silk pillowcases come in 11 gorgeous colors.

Or for her birthday, anniversary, surgery, chemotherapy, bridal, mother’s day gift in every case, doesn’t she deserve the best?

Valentine’s Day gifts for women with the 14th soon upon us. You won’t go wrong with ANYTHING silk, but not just any silk – the highest quality silk available! The silk that’s so sensuous and luxurious, it’ll make her feel like royalty. Branche Belle De Nuit Silk Eye Mask has been featured in “Oprah’s Favorite Things” as well as recommended by Dr. Mehmet Oz.

I’ll bet you didn’t know this, 100% pure silk eye masks or pillowcases contain 18 essential amino acids that heal and protect your skin, around the delicate area of the eyes while sleeping too. She will love that! As Dr. Oz said, “Shutting out light helps to produce melatonin, bringing on the z’s. A silk mask is especially easy on the eyes.

Where to buy, you ask? pillowcase are sold individually and each pillowcase and eye mask are beautifully boxed.