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Enhance the Benefits of Your Silk Pillowcase

By OBS | June 10th, 2015 0 Comments Bubble

Enhance the Benefits of Your Silk Pillowcase Silk pillowcases have become very popular for many reasons. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase helps to diminish your hair’s tendency to become frizzy as you sleep. Since silk thread is thinner and infinitely smoother than cotton, it actually reduces friction, allowing your hair to glide over it’s soft smooth surface while catching those zzzs. Silk is also anti-aging with it’s natural proteins and 18 essential amino acids that help to prevent facial wrinkles and skin damage – it’s water insoluble protein won’t rob moisture from your face and hair like other fabrics leaving Read More >>

S-Cape Plus Performance Model Adjustable Beds

By OBS | March 25th, 2015 0 Comments Bubble

S-Cape Plus Performance Model Adjustable Beds By Leggett & Platt. This all-new S-Cape+ Wallhugger® adjustable base has everything needed to create the ultimate relaxation in your bedroom. The all new S-Cape+ with dual massage and programmable positions, will help transform your bedroom into more than just a place to sleep. Some new features include a new technologically advanced backlit wireless remote control that stands on its own so it can be placed on your nightstand for easy access. Raise the head of your bed to read or watch TV with the touch of a button, then use the flat button Read More >>