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Knee Pillow

By OBS | March 8th, 2015 0 Comments Bubble

Knee Pillow, unlike any other, for many side sleepers who need a blanket or pillow between their legs to prevent their knees and ankles from rubbing together… (OBS) has found the perfect product for uninterrupted, painless, comfy sleep! And who doesn’t want that?! This one-of-a-kind knee pillow, also called the Knee Sleeper Pillow, allows you to keep a soft, supportive pillow between your legs all night long in a unique, patented design that is like a padded sleeve – for your leg. Designed specifically to keep your legs separate during sleep, it eliminates those painful pressure points where knees Read More >>

Not all Organic Cotton Sheets are the Same

By OBS | March 2nd, 2015 0 Comments Bubble

The term “organic” is easily understood when it comes to fruits, grains and vegetables, but what does “organic” really mean when applied to fabrics and textiles? Not all organic cotton sheets are the same, conventional cotton growers have historically relied on a liberal dose of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and harmful chemicals, making cotton production second only to corn farming in the amount of hazardous pesticides used worldwide. 25% of international pesticide usage can be traced to non-organic cotton farming. Organic cotton growing was developed in an effort to reduce and eliminate the negative impact of these highly dangerous chemicals on Read More >>