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Heated Mattress Pads

By OBS | November 11th, 2015 0 Comments Bubble

Heated Mattress Pads, Bed Warming Pads Most heated mattress pads on the market today appear to be pretty much the same, in fact most all the popular brands use the same warming technology and are manufactured by roughly four companies under many different private label name brands. Most heated mattress pads you will find online or in stores do not claim to use any sort of special shielding technology to block sustained EMFs. Some popular heated mattress pad brands include, Biddeford, Sealy, Delightful Nights, Cannon, Sunbeam, Slumber Rest, Imperial and Therapedic. The good news is there is a safe option Read More >>

Cooling Body Pad Reviews

By OBS | August 8th, 2015 0 Comments Bubble

Cooling Body Pad Reviews, How Negative Reviews Can Really be Positive Ones. Looking to purchase a body cooling pad ? First you must adopt a realistic expectation as to how long this type of “non powered” or passive body pad will remain cool, there are many variables involved that will determine the duration of the cooling effect such as ambient room temperature body heat etc. Cooling Body Pad Reviews It is quite humorous reading some reviews about these body cooling pads, it is as if some of these reviewers expected this type of non powered cooling pad to remain cool Read More >>